Lidl pulls Afsca-recall eggs from its shelves

The Lidl supermarket chain has withdrawn from its shelves all eggs from a supplier concerned by the recall of eggs by the Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain, Afsca, following the detection of traces of the pesticide Fipronil in some eggs.

“One of our suppliers has potentially exceeded the European standard for Fipronil,” the company announced on Wednesday.

The eggs in question are sold only in Western Flanders, Eastern Flanders and Hainault. The other supermarkets in the chain are not affected, Lidl stated.

The eggs that have been pulled from the shelves bear the codes 2BE3123-A, 2BE3123-B and 2BE3123-C. Customers who have already bought these eggs from Lidl supermarkets can take them back and will be fully reimbursed without having to show a receipt, the chain said.

Other supermarket chains reported that they were not affected by the recall.

Carrefour announced that none of the batches listed by Afsca were delivered to its stores and no problem eggs had reached its shelves. The French chain also said it was in permanent contact with Afsca and its suppliers. Colruyt said on Wednesday that it had not sold any of the eggs concerned, while Delhaize assured the public that its eggs were fit for consumption.

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