MediaMarkt will be available in Belgium soon

The online marketplace of MediaMarkt for the Dutch and Belgian market will not be long in coming. At What’s Next in Retail Tech in Bussum, CEO Benelux Remko Rijnders did not mention a concrete date this afternoon, but it could be a matter of weeks.

“We have often been asked: why another online marketplace? There is an Amazon and only we see that sales are increasingly going to online marketplaces, and we take into account a sixty percent share in a few years.”

In many countries, including Germany, MediaMarkt already has an online marketplace. It is also a way to expand the range without increasing the shop floor.

In addition, Mediamarkt hardly seems to be growing in the current market. “There are too many players selling electronics and we are seeing consolidation in many countries, including Spain. That’s what’s going to happen here.”

Wider range of products, shops in city centers

To gain more market share, MediaMarkt also wants to tap into other product groups, such as health and beauty and mobility.

In addition, MediaMarkt wants to differentiate itself by providing services. “If you buy an Xbox that doesn’t, you can always return it to another platform, but you won’t get a new one right away. With us you can return a defective device to the store and you will be helped faster.”

That is also why MediaMarkt wants to invest in locations that are city centers, which should be easily accessible for customers. Especially in Belgium, where the number of stores is further replenished.

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