Football scandal: “My client collected the packaging of luxury watches”

The lawyer of Mogi Bayat has spoken out after his client, Belgium’s leading football agent, was arrest on suspicion of money laundering and involvement in a criminal organisation. The football agent or broker organised transfers at practically all big Belgian clubs.

Bayat’s fortune is estimated at some 15 million euros. During the last 6 years he made profits worth 9 million euros. At the federal prosecutor’s press conference prosecutors noted that luxury watches and packaging of luxury watches worth 8 million euros, jewels and cash were seized from Bayat. The football agent is suspected of doling out expensive presents to friends in the world of football.

Lawyer Jean-Philippe Mayence told Le Soir: “There may have been problems with the VAT, but we don’t agree with the figures. My client has been collecting packaging of luxury watches all his life. It’s his right to do so.”

Jean-Philippe Mayence notes that Bayat isn’t accused of corruption.

“I told my client this is a football match we have to win. At the outset he was dreadfully cut up by it. He realises his reputation is sullied. The damage is done even if he is proved to be in the clear.”

“The presumption of innocence is a delusion. All you have to do is see what people write on social media. He was traumatised to hear his parents were questioned in Cannes.”

Items were also removed from Bayat’s parents’ home: “a lorry full” said his lawyer.

Mogi Bayat appears in court on Tuesday

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