Ministers of Wallonia-Brussels Federation will not reduce their salary

The government of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation has no intention of reducing ministerial salaries by 10%. This was indicated by the Minister-President, Rudy Demotte (PS).

This is unlike the decision by the new majority coalition (MR-cdH) within the Wallonia region in this regard.

Tabled by the cdH during the development of the 2018 budget, the proposal was, however, rejected by its Socialist partner. Questioned upon this point, on Wednesday, during a plenary session of the parliament by Gilles Mouyard (MR), Mr Demotte stated that no “consensus” had been found upon the issue in his government.

Before the deputies, the Minister-President indicated that the French-speaking Executive had absolutely no obligation to duplicate the decisions of the Walloon government. He said “As a government, we also have our specific characteristics and wishes.”

However, Mr Demotte is not opposed to a salary reduction for ministers, as long as this occurs as part of a decision taken by all of the country’s governments. However, the Socialist says that the 10% reduction of the salary of the ministers of the new government is in reality just a “smokescreen”.

He emphasised, “The change of government in Namur has led to a cost of €2 million. The measure recommended here will only yield €100,000…”. He concluded at the MR’s address, “Don’t let’s think that the measure would amount to a major saving.”

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