Brussels, the 4th richest region in the EU in terms of per capita GDP


In 2015, Brussels was the fourth-richest region in the European Union in terms of regional GDP per capita according to Eurostat, the European Statistical Office.

By 2014, the Brussels region was still on the third step of the podium, now occupied by Hamburg.

The Brussels regional GDP per capita, valued at 63300 euros in 2015, represented 205% of the average of the 276 regions analysed by the European Office that year. That of inner West London (west of greater London) was in first place with a GDP at 580% of the average. The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (264%) and Hamburg (206%) completed the podium.

In total, 20 regions had a per capita GDP of at least 50% higher than the EU average (100%) by 2015. Five were in Germany, four in the United Kingdom, two in the Netherlands and one in Austria, Belgium (Brussels at 205% – Flanders at 121% and Wallonia at 86%), the Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Slovakia and Sweden, as well as the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

Finally, after Severozapaden in Bulgaria (29% of the average), the regions with the lowest per capita GDP were Mayotte in France (32%), Severen Tsentralen and Yuzhen Tsentralen in Bulgaria (33% each) and the Northeast of Romania (34%).

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