Flanders is still in dispute to adopt the European Tesla factory

Flanders is still working to lead a large factory that Tesla plans to build in Europe, Flanders Investment and Trade head Claire Tilllecarts said on Tuesday.

“We are waiting for the adjudication procedure announced by Tesla and, based on the elements of that adjudication, Flanders will deploy its great advantages as a land of investment,” Tillekaerts commented.

The U.S. manufacturer of top-of-the-line electric vehicles has had discussions in Germany and the Netherlands on building its first major factory in Europe, Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reported. Tesla wishes to build a mega-factory that would manufacture both vehicles and batteries. It is expected to decide on its location by the end of this year.

Tillekaerts confirmed that “Flanders is still on Tesla’s shortlist as a potential site for a mega-factory in Europe.”

Tesla assembles most of its cars at its factory in Fremont, California, while the batteries are produced in Nevada. Tesla CEO Elon Musk aims to speed up his company’s international growth by building new factories in China and Europe, its two largest foreign markets.

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