Six injured, including three children, during a multi-car pile-up in Gosselies (Charleroi)


There was a pile-up involving 4 vehicles near a motorway exit in Gosselies (Charleroi). The accident happened at around 13.00 on Saturday. 2 vehicles crashed, and then one of them crashed into two other vehicles. Emergency services have said six people were injured, including three children.

Charleroi firemen said there was a pile-up on a roundabout between Faubourg in Brussels and the E42 motorway exit in Gosselies (Liège-Charleroi). A Renault Scenic coming from the access road leading onto the motorway hit a VW Bora. The Renault had a man and two children on-board, and the VW Bora had only the driver on-board.

The Bora was knocked into another vehicle coming the other way, which had a woman and child on-board. The Bora then hit a parked VW Touran.

Charleroi firemen attended the scene, as well as 4 ambulances and a SMUR car. The emergency services treated the six injured, which included three children.

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