KBC swaps banks for ATMs, sparks employment fears

Unions and management at the KBC Group are to start negotiations soon on employment guarantees and security at the banking insurer, Dirk De Backere of the Christian trade union, LBC, said on Thursday.

KBC announced on Thursday that it was turning 65 of its bank branches into ATMs and closing 51 existing ATMs. It also said it was going to examine the structure of its management. The Christian trade union immediately called for the opening of discussions on employment guarantees and security.

The current collective labour agreement at KBC runs out at the end of the year. “Management has promised to start the discussions soon,” said De Backere, who hopes KBC can offer guarantees over a long period: “at least two years.”

After the publication of its quarterly results, KBC announced the changes. There is also no guarantee that jobs will not be lost.

Banks, including KBC, have drastically reduced their networks of branches since more and more clients are opting for digital banking.

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