Kentucky Fried Chicken to open first Belgian outlet

The American fast food chain Kentucky Fried Chicken is to open its first Belgian outlet next year. While our neighbours in France, Germany, The Netherlands and the UK have been able to purchase chicken encrusted in a batter made according to Colonel Sanders’ special recipe, Belgium has remained a KFC-free zone.

However, this is set to change next year when the fast food chain will open its first restaurant somewhere in Brussels. The first buckets of chicken with 11 herbes and spices should be ready for sale sometime next May.

Although KFC is refusing to disclose the exact location of its first Belgian outlet. The Brussels regional news platform Bruzz says that it has it on good authority that the restaurant will be located at Brussels North Railway Station.

KFC hopes eventually to open 150 outlets in Belgium. The company will recruit around 60 people per restaurant. Kentucky Fried Chicken 18,000 outlets in 115 countries.

The author: Michel THEYS

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