Brabant killings – investigators are looking into a deceased ex-gendarme from the Diane Group

A former gendarme from the specialist unit known as the Diane Group is a person of interest for investigators looking into the Brabant killings.
The individual died two years ago. La Dernière Heure and Het Laatste Nieuws reported on this story on Saturday.

La Dernière Heure revealed the ex-Gendarme was extremely tall, and the word “giant” was used to describe the person responsible for the killings. The former gendarme was kicked out of the Diane Group a little before the killings. An injury to his foot stopped him from working for a while after the killings at Braine l’Alleud and Overijse. Eyewitnesses at Alost said the “giant” had a limp, which can be a result of such an injury.

Investigators are looking into the ex-gendarme as it turns out he made revelations that might implicate him in the Brabant killings shortly before he died.

Cafés at Alost and Termonde were recently visited by investigators, who showed photographs of the former gendarme.

Prosecutor General Christian De Valkeneer said the “Diane lead is one of the leads we are following”, but “he would not comment on the rest”.

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