Inauguration of first carpet of flowers in the Marolles in Brussels

A flower carpet was inaugurated on Friday on the esplanade of the Brigittines in the district of the Marolles in Brussels.

The event took place with the Meyboom brass band and in the presence of the Alderman of Culture, Karine Lalieux. It will remain visible until Monday. A picnic will be organised there on Saturday at 12:00.

Around thirty volunteers worked from 5:00 am to 11:45 am to finalise the 60-square-meter flower carpet on the 1,500 square metres of concrete of the Brigittines esplanade. It has a general rectangular shape with two of its sides rounded and is composed of 4.200 flowers including rose petals, red Gerberas, blue dyed wood shavings, salt and corn kernels to remind us of the “flowers and fruits” theme of the third edition of Flowertime from 11 to 15 August.

On this occasion, some 80,000 flowers will decorate the town hall and 3 mini carpets of fruits and vegetables will be made on the Grand Place by children aged from 5 to 12 years, who are invited to register with the non-profit organisation, Brussels Carpets of Flowers. The association has used its expertise to achieve the “Dalle aux Fleurs”.

“There’s a lot of wind in this place: it’s a whirlwind,” said Annette Katz, head of the Brussels Carpet of Flowers non-profit organisation. “It is pure ephemeral art”. The foodstuffs used will be redistributed after the de-installation of the carpet on Monday.

This project was initiated by the Marolles General Committee of Action (CGAM), with the support of the non-profit organisation, Tapis de Fleurs de Bruxelles, and the long-term neighbourhood agreement, Jonction.

A drawing contest was organised during the month of June. A jury of professionals selected the drawing of Michael, a resident of the Marolles neighbourhood, from approximately twenty works.

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