Food industry presses for appropriate labelling

food industry
The Economic Inspectorate (part of the FPS Economy) has compiled more reports for breaches linked to regulations regarding food labelling.
These have occurred over the course of the past five years. However, the Federation for the Belgian Food Industry (FEVIA) confirmed its commitment to correct labeling yesterday (Sunday).

“In recent years, Europe has introduced new legislation concerning what should and not feature on food labels. This is to ensure that pan-European the rules are the same for all EU countries,” Chris Moris, the managing director of FEVIA stressed.

Moris elaborated, “This is good for consumers who desire transparency but also for Belgian producers, who enjoy an international reputation for both quality and reliability.”

He supplemented these comments by saying, “The figures of the Economic Inspectorate confirm that there is effective monitoring of the food industry in Belgium. The explanation for the increased breaches is the necessary period of adaptation to new European labeling rules.”

The introduction of FIC (Food Information to Consumers) regulations led to specific adaptations, linked, in particular, to label character sizes, allergenic guidance and stating meat origins in black and white.

The author: Michel DEURINCK

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