The House leader pushes the UK-US trade agreement

Speaker for the House of Representatives (USA), Paul D. Ryan has urged the administration to come up with new trading agreement with United Kingdom. The new treaty should secure the special relationship between UK and US and make a transition of UK out of European Union smoother.

Not everyone in the US, however, is happy with the proposed free trade agreement. The agreement, casted for the EU-US trading relations found its critics on the both shores of Atlantic ocean. Republicans, lead by D. Trump is advocating for complete cancellation of the agreement, as do some pro-European politicians in EU, who view the upcoming transition as a menace for the local economies, first of all because of the broadened agricultural import from the US.

Ryan (R-Wis.) urges the administration of B.H. Obama to be aggressive at the early stage of establishing deals with Britain:

Obviously it takes time to do something like this, but I think it is something we should be working on,” Ryan told ABC affiliate WISN in Wisconsin last week, according to comments his office published on the speaker’s website Monday. “We should begin discussions with Great Britain to ease concerns so that we do have a smooth trade relationship with Great Britain, because they are our indispensable ally.Paul D. Ryan

Negotiations with the British partners should be done independently of the TTIP negotiations with EU – considers the Speaker.

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