Half of Flemish and Brussels employees make 3,100 euro or more

One employee in ten earns 5,350 euro gross per month.
In Flanders and Brussels, the average gross salary is 3,510 euro. The median salary is at 3,100 euro gross. This is 600 euro more than ten years ago, according to the annual salary barometer conducted by vacature.com and KU Leuven.

The average wage is skewed up due a small group earning high incomes. The median wage is therefore a better reference point to compare ones salary to: The median wage (3,100 euro) signifies the point where half of the respondents earn less than 3,100 euros gross while the other half earn more.

In 1998 the first survey was conducted. Then the median salary stood at 100,000 Belgian francs, which was equal to 2,500 euro. In 2008 the number had in fact not changed. This was mainly due to the financial credit crisis. However since then revenues have been increasing and compared to 2008, the average employee today earns 600 euro or 24% more.

One employee in ten earns 5,350 euro gross per month. Lawyers, scientists and managers are the ones mainly represented in this category. 10% earn less than 2,085 euro gross per month.

The highest median wages are found in the chemistry and pharmaceutical sectors (4,000 euros) while the lowest are in the tourism, sports and leisure sectors (2,500 euros). The results of the survey are based on answers provided by 49,700 employees in Flanders and Brussels.

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