Belgium’s biggest Lego store to open in Brussels

Belgium’s biggest Lego store will open in Brussels next year, with the news that the toy giant will open a new store on Rue Neuve in Spring 2021.

The 270 square metre store is the latest opening of the Lego brand, known for its toy bricks, which have been named “toy of the century” twice.

First started in 1932, the brand has grown eponentially, with stores in over 40 countries. The new store will be the second in Belgium.

“We are very excited that after the Lego Store in Wijnegem, there will now also be a shop in our capital,” said Scott Roseman, district manager of Belgium and the Norwegian region.

The store is currently looking for staff, and made no comment on how ongoing coronavirus fighting measures could impact scheduling. “In the coming months the shop will be fully equipped with the best Lego sets, life-size structures and activities for children,” said Roseman.

In September, the Walloon government said that it was in talks with British entertainment group Merlin Entertainments over a Legoland theme park at the former Caterpillar site in Gosselies, near Charleroi in the province of Hainaut.

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