Orders from Brussels: Spell Christ with a lower-case “c”

Spell Christ

It must be getting a little too close for Christmas for the chi-chi crystal palace of the pretentious European Union. Pooh-bahs in Brussels have come up with a new grammar rule for themselves and the Netherlands–making it official that the name “Christ” will soon be written with a lower-case “c”. That was the stipulation in an orthography reform published earlier this month in Brussels.

According to the Kath.net agency, the new spelling legislation will also stipulate that the Dutch word for “jews” (joden) be spelled with a capital “J” when referring to nationality and with a lower-case “j” when referring to the religion. The changes will be mandatory in August of 2006. There is no description of the fines offenders will face if they keep right on spelling “Christ” with a capital “C”.

The new spelling regulations are coming from the same folk, who include as one of their seat numbers in the august and austere chamber in which they gather to prevaricate on all things politically correct, the number 666.

The European Union hierarchy may have numbered the seat 666, but at last count no one has had the courage to actually claim the seat as their own.

At the European Union, the name of the humble carpenter from Nazareth may be diminished by lower-case spelling, but Javier Solana, The Great will continue to have his name spelled in capital letters.

Solana, a sort of Kofi Annan, European style, is High Representative of the Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP) and the Secretary General of both the European Union and the Western European Union. Note to the media, all of his titles are to be spelled in capital letters.

EU politically correct lockstep seems to be as infectious as bird flu. Across the ocean in faraway Florida, schools are banning Christmas and Easter holidays in response to Muslim demands.

“Demands from the terrorist-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) for an official school recognition of a Muslim Holy Day has resulted in the Hillsborough County School Board banning all religious holidays–Christmas, Good Friday and Easter are off the calendar.

Any parent, whose little angel has been traumatized with nowhere to show off her Christmas pageant wings, will have to perform for the neighbourhood kids out in the garage this year.

The Hillsborugh County School Board and its trustees should be reminded of author Mark Twain’s take on school boards: “In the first place God created idiots. This was just for practice. Then he created school boards.”

Meanwhile caving in to the march of the politically correct army will someday lead to the banning of the words “hi” and “hello” on the very likely basis that it may offend somebody who prefers to be greeted with the words, “Assalaam Alaikum”.

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Margareta Stroot, a multi-talented individual, calls Brussels her home. With a unique blend of careers, she balances her time as a part-time journalist and a part-time real estate agent. Margareta's deep-rooted knowledge of the city of Brussels, where she resides, has proven invaluable in both of her roles. Her journalism captures the essence of the city, while her real estate expertise helps others find their perfect homes in the vibrant Belgian capital.

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