Kenes Rakishev to lead the Kazakhstan boxing

«I vote for Kenes Rakishev as a president of the Boxing Federation of Kazakhstan. He is widely known as a philanthropist who contributes to the development of sport in Kazakhstan. He already was the vice president of the Kazakhstan Boxing Federation a year long. He is well known entrepreneur and innovator. He will definitely find new approaches to the job and be a successful leader» – said Timur Kulibaev in his farewell speech as a president of Boxing Federation of Kazakhstan.

Timur Kulibaev asked for other opinions. None followed and the candidacy of Kenes Rakishev was approved unanimously.

Biography and facts on Kenes Rakishev

Kenes Rakishev is the son of well known Kazakhstani statesman Khadi Rakishev. He is born in 1979. The Kazakh businessman got initial education in law, later he got a degree in economics. He attended the Oxford Saïd Business School in «Advanced Management» course and got a diploma of London Business School on «Developing Strategy for Value». Later London will became a nearly home city for him. Kenes Rakishev started his career in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kazakhstan. Later he choose to dedicate his life to business. He worked in KazTransGaz, InterGaz Central Asia, KazMunayGaz. He was appointed as vice-president of KazTransGaz.

In November 2006 he became a major shareholder and CEO of SAT&Company (KASE:SATC). SAT&Co has more that 30 business venues and company under control. Under umbrella of SAT&Company a number of construction, mining, machine building, oil trading and prospecting companies are operating. The assets of Sat&Co raised to $500M to the year 2013.

In 2014 Kenes Rakishev was appointed CEO of BTA Bank. K. Rakishev is an active participant in a bunch of social and sport projects. He is a member of the Council for youth politics «Zhas Kenes» under patronage of the president of Kazakhstan. In 2014 Kenes Rakishev was appointed as chief of the Council of young entrepreneurs.

Kenes Rakishev is a well known philanthropist. He supports «Sabi» charity fund and supports sports. Sat&Co was an official sponsor of Kazakhstan Football Federation and Professional boxing federation of Kazakhstan . In 2012 Sat&Co became the leading sponsor of the fast chess World cup. In 2014 Rakishev was elected as vice-president of National sporting association of Kazakhstan.

He is co-author of «Kazanat» book, dedicated to history and development of horsemanship in Kazakhstan. He also one of the authors of the «Berkut» book about traditional hunting with falcons.

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