Test-Achats puts Ryanair on notice for cancellations

The Belgian consumer protection organization, Test-Achats, said on Monday that it had formally placed Ryanair on notice for failing to fulfil its obligations to passengers affected by the cancellation of some of its flights.

The Irish low-cost airline announced on Friday that it was cancelling 40 to 50 flights per day up to the end of October due to a problem with the programming of its pilots’ holidays.

“In this chaotic context, the Irish company is not correctly informing passengers of their rights,” Test-Achats said. “It is only offering them an alternative or a reimbursement, whereas they also have a right to compensation if the cancellation takes place less than two weeks before departure.”

The non-profit accused Ryanair of “not informing passengers correctly about their rights by never mentioning its obligation to compensate”.

Test-Achats and its Italian, Portuguese and Spanish counterparts have given Ryanair eight days to comply with its legal obligations and are considering court action if it does not fulfil them.

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