Tourist facilities, housing suppliers are recommended to improve access for people with special needs

The Walloon government on Monday officially announced its interest in improving the access of people with special needs to tourist facilities and accommodation in the region.

“Wallonia wants to invest in accessibility for all persons,” said Regional Tourism Minister René Collin. “We are using the 80-million-euro Walloon Investment Plan for tourism, approved in January, to spur investment in this area.”

The Government has decided to provide a subsidy of 244,000 euros to Access-I to enable the non-profit association, which assesses the accessibility of buildings, sites or events according to each specific need, to do pre-audits of buildings.

“This has to do with tourist accomodation and attractions recognised by the CGT, organisations such as the tourist boards and tourism office, or the authorities,” Collin explained. “The pre-audit will be used to find out their needs in terms of investments. Higher budget lines will then be activated in order to make the investments.”

All interested operators have until the 21st of September to apply, using a form available on the site Website. A maximum of 400 bids will be accepted.

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