Brussels can benefit from Brexit according to the NBB

Belgium is attracting interest from financial players wishing to settle on the continent following the Brexit, said Marcia De Wachter, director of the National Bank of Belgium (NBB), on Wednesday.

A payment service provider intends to set up shop in Brussels and insurance giant, Lloyd’s of London, has already decided to establish its European subsidiary in Brussels in order to anticipate the possible consequences of Brexit. “Other companies have begun a process of recognition with the National Bank as a result of the Brexit”, adds Marcia De Wachter.

Another company will soon move to Brussels. It is a large money remitter, an institution that makes international payments. “They have said that they would like to establish operations in Belgium”, confirmed Marcia De Wachter. “And a second example is in the pipeline”. The very large institutions will not settle in Brussels, but in Frankfurt or Paris, conceded the director of the NBB.

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