Under pressure to legalise medical cannabis, Maggie De Block defends her position

Federal Health minister Maggie De Block is under increasing pressure to authorise cannabis for medical use.

This pressure is mainly coming from an association that represents medical cannabis and cannabidiol (CBD) users. The association gave Mrs De Block until Sunday to respond, but said it had still not heard anything by Saturday evening. Mrs De Block said she had replied to the association by email and by letter.

Mrs De Block used the opportunity to defend her position. “While serving under this government, Mrs De Block has worked to legalise medication that contains the active ingredients of cannabis in this country”, a spokesman said. “She has taken the first legal steps and one medication has already been authorised”, they continued.

When asked about the WeAreSofie association’s very specific request to legalise and reimburse medical cannabis and CBD, the spokesman replied “that is not currently possible”.

The spokesman said “we have taken an important step” towards creating a cannabis agency, a requirement under the United Nations Convention on narcotics in 1961. A bill that would create this agency and make it part of the Federal Agency for Medical and Health Products (AFMPS) was approved back in March. This agency would regulate the production of standardised cannabis products “The only thing left to do is write the laws” that would officially create the agency.

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