UBT leads industrial action in front of seven Ikea shops

The Belgian Union of Transport (known as “the UBT”) has this morning led industrial action outside seven Ikea shops in Belgium.

Its aim is to denounce the practices of social corporate dumping. The occupational headquarters of the FGTB (the Socialist trade union) has launched the video clip, “The Exploited Truck Driver”, simultaneously. This explains the mechanisms by which such truck drivers are exploited.

The UBT laments the fact that multinational companies (MNCs), such as Ikea, are entrusting haulage activities to the contractor offering them the best price. The MNCs do this “without caring about drivers’ working and living conditions during such work.”

The trade union denounces, “At the present time, Ikea is refusing any constructive dialogue with the International Federation of Transport Workers.”

Actions to raise customer awareness were organised on Monday morning in the Hognoul, Ghent, Hasselt, Wilrijk, Arlon, Mons and Zaventem shops. Also of particular note, leaflets were distributed. Similar action will take place in other countries today.

Moreover, the UBT presented the video clip on social dumping, “The Exploited Truck Driver”, at 11.30 a.m. in the Ikea car park in Zaventem. This has been produced by the International Federation of Transport Workers. The clip was due to “première” in a lorry.

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