Warsaw is “committed” to EU goal of climate neutrality

Poland moved a step closer to formally endorsing the EU’s 2050 climate neutrality goal this week when its climate ministry presented an update of the country’s 2040 energy roadmap during an online event.

“Climate neutrality is something that we are committed to,” said Poland’s deputy climate minister Adam Guibourgé-Czetwertynski, in what may be the strongest signal yet that Warsaw is now ready to formally endorse the EU’s 2050 climate goal.

In fact, the government has “decided to go for that objective also in our strategic plan for the transformation of the entire Polish economy,” Guibourgé-Czetwertynski.

Poland is currently reliant on coal for more than 75% of its electricity needs but rising carbon emission costs, the EU’s ambitious new climate policies and the coronavirus outbreak are forcing Warsaw to speed up its energy transformation.

In an update of its 2040 energy strategy, published the day before, the climate ministry said Poland plans to invest 150 billion zlotys (€33.7 billion) to phase out coal, unleash new renewable energy capacity and build the country’s first nuclear power plants.

“That will be our contribution to that effort to make the EU climate neutral by 2050,” the minister said.

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