Brussels driving license training will be accompanied with first aid course

A new Brussels driving license will enter into force in 2018 and will include several novelties.

One of which includes obligatory first aid training. “It is an important reform which takes into account different demands and needs discussed during various consultations”, explains Bianca Debaets, Brussels Road safety secretary. Her initiative has now been officially approved by the Brussels government.

The driving license reform will include a lengthier and higher quality training programme, while also being better adapted to our urban context. It will be obligatory to follow a first aid training programme, which teaches you the basic and correct procedures following an accident.

Also a risk perception test will be introduced, taking into account the urban context. That will make it possible to evaluate a candidate on his anticipation of the presence of pedestrians, cyclists or motorcyclists.

A practical manual and logbook will also be introduced, to note down the length of distance travelled and climate conditions.

“This reform, which forces a lengthier driving experience on the candidates before they receive their driving licenses, is part of the effort and logic to decrease the number of traffic accidents on our raods, explains Ms Debaets.

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