Leopold II tunnel to Stay closed until September due to renovations

The Leopold II tunnel will soon be completely closed to traffic night and day from the Friday for 2 weeks, since it was now last year, as a way to carry on its renovation. The longest tunnel from the nation will tack on the 2nd of September.

Besides a work done during the night outside the summer months, the summer period is the most favourable period for large renovation and construction projects. The roadway is going to be completely revived and the sidewalks revived. Drainage is going to be adapted, a fresh water distribution system for fire fighters are also installed and also the power source and ventilation is going to likely be changed. The renovation of the ceiling will probably additionally continue.

The construction site will surely cause a significant bit of traffic disturbance because nearly 40,000 motorists utilize this road daily in the following directions. Alternatives via the A12 and also Boulevard Industriel (Anderlecht) have been put in place.

A secure bicycle trail continues to be installed on Avenue Charles-Quint between your Zellik road (N8) as well as the tube itself. SNCB, Stib and De Lijn also have adapted their frequency and capacity of their styles of transport accordingly.

Other measures also have been taken to increase traffic flow around the tunnel: one management using a traffic lane for cars and another for buses, emergency providers along with bicycles is projected around Elisabeth Park. Two exits are also closed at Place Sainctelette to prevent motorists from blocking eachother.

Source: brussels-express.eu

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