Belgium is at the second place with charging station availability

Almost 30% of all European charging points for electric cars are located in the Netherlands. This means that our upper neighbours remain absolute frontrunners. Belgium is lagging somewhat uncomfortably behind with 4.5%. Not least because the Netherlands is not significantly larger than Belgium.

Every year, the ACEA (European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association) gives a state of affairs at the charging point level in Europe. Last year it was already clear that our neighbouring countries are doing remarkably well. The new figures show no surprises.

With no less than 90,284 charging points, the Netherlands remains the absolute leader in Europe. No country has more points. As a result, the Netherlands accounts for no less than 29.4% of the total coverage in Europe. In other words: almost 1 in every three charging stations in Europe is located in the Netherlands. Compared to the figures of a year ago, serious growth is also noticeable. Year after year, the Netherlands installed around 24,000 new charging points. To give you an idea: that is almost double what our Belgian country has in total at charging points. Hallucinating, when you know that the Netherlands and Belgium do not differ so much in terms of area from a European point of view.

The top 5 is already supplemented by Germany (59,410 ex.), France (37.128 ex.), Sweden (25.197 ex.) and Italy (23,543 ex.). Although Belgium manages to make little impression in terms of volume when you look at the overall figures (barely 4.5% of all European charging points), our country still manages to occupy a sixth place on the list, with a total of 13,695 charging points, just like last year. The cause of that relatively high place can be found in Eastern Europe. countries such as Slovakia, Romania and Poland barely have 1,000 charging points. In fact, Bulgaria has only 531, while the country is 2.5 times larger than the Netherlands.

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