Belgian Coronavirus response ranks worst in global study

Belgian Coronavirus

Belgium’s response to the coronavirus crisis has been deemed the Bottom of the class, according to a new international study by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU).

The damning proclamation by the EIU ranks Belgium as doing the worst out of 21 OECD members, based on an assessment of three “quality of response” criteria (number of tests, provision of non-Covid-19 healthcare and the number of above-average excess deaths).

With a score of 2.11 out of a possible 4, Belgium ranked worse than Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom, who all ranked next worst with a score of 2.22.

The study also places Belgium a full point behind the ‘good’ results of the United States (3.11) – which ranked higher due to the high number of deaths being attributed to large population size and prevalence of existing risk factors such as obesity and an ageing population, making the country rank “better than that of most of the countries that shared a similar risk profile.”

While the low score “is partly understandable in the case of Italy and Spain” as they were the first hit in Europe, the study is less forgiving on the UK and Belgium.

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