Extreme right-wing Austrian close friends with perpetrator shooting Christchurch: police are investigating

Martin Sellner

Brenton Tarrant, who is on trial for the terrorist attack in the New Zealand village of Christchurch, is said to have ties with Martin Sellner. The second is an Austrian, known as an extreme right-wing activist. The police investigate whether the two were in contact and extend that investigation to Sellner's partner, Brittany Pettibone.

Martin Sellner is being further investigated according to the Austrian press. The man is an important right-wing extremist and would have contact with Brenton Tarrant, who is on trial for the shooting in Christchurch in New Zealand . The two are suspected of having set up a terrorist organization. The investigation is also extensive: Sellner's fiancé, Brittany Pettibone, is also being monitored.

House search

Already last week, on June 18, the Austrian police carried out a house search in various apartments in Vienna. They came to investigate the link between the Austrian right-wing activist Martin Sellner and Brenton Tarrant. He is the suspect of the shooting in Christchurch, which he broadcast live on social media .

The investigation actually started in March. Then it came to light that Tarrant had deposited an amount of 1,500 euros into the account of the IBÖ (Identity Movement of Austria). The Austrian police then searched for other suspicious payments and administrative evidence of the contact between the two.

Brenton Tarrant in court. He is on trial for the shooting in Christchurch, New Zealand. EPA photo.

Tarrant was prepared to shoot more Muslims with his attack.

Friendly emails

In May it became clear that Sellner and Tarrant were in contact more often. The police found friendly e-mails, among other things. Sellner invited Tarrant himself for a beer or coffee if he was ever in Austria.

Martin Sellner explains more about the research and what he thinks about it on his YouTube channel. For example, he says that the police took several devices , including his mobile phone, because he thinks he was a terrorist organization with Brenton Tarrant. In a second video, he shows a piece from the search warrant that the police pushed under his nose. At least he claims that.

Sellner is also no longer allowed to enter the United Kingdom:


He shows his subscribers why the police would have invaded him. For example, the manifesto used by Tarrant in his assessment is one and there are also results of a financial analysis. In yet another video , Sellner claims that all the evidence the police have against him has been completely taken out of context to demonize him.

Extensive research

The investigation into Sellner and the terrorist organization with Tarrant goes further and is also being expanded. Brittany Pettibone, Sellner's American fiancé, is also being monitored. The reason for this is contact with the Australian extreme right-wing Blair Cottrell, who was convicted on the basis of the Racial and Religious Tolerance Act in Victoria.

By investigating the two, the immigration conditions of Sellner have changed. That is, he is not allowed to enter the United States and will therefore not be able to marry Pettibone this summer, which was the plan.

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Brittany Pettibone and Martin Sellner are engaged.

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