Alternative financing resources for the education of your children

The value of education can not be stated. It has a huge impact on both, societal and economic rates.

Located in the center of Brussels, BEPS International School is excited to introduce a Financial Aid Programme to support the registration of students who would not be able to wait the faculty because of financial factors. “In BEPS, we feel that students learn best in an environment including peers from the variety of financial, cultural, and geographic backgrounds,” said Pascale Hertay, Director of BEPS International School at Brussels.

The educational funding Programme is restricted to students entering 7 — Year 10 (Grade 6 — Grade 9) that are either already enrolled at BEPS International School or that are linking from a different faculty.

Recipients of financial aid will gain from grants that cover a specific proportion of the annual tuition fee. The degree of financial assistance is assessed annually and covers the tuition cost independently.

The principal responsibility for tuition rests with the household, and each family is likely to fully utilise its own resources before requesting financial aid. BEPS recognises the distinctiveness of every circumstance and tailors aid packages to fit the needs demonstrated by families that qualify.

BEPS will consider applications for financial aid throughout the year, however there exists a group annual funding. Once the financial aid budget is exhausted, the faculty will be unable to provide additional licenses during that calendar year. Eligibility for financial aid does not guarantee that BEPS will automatically discharge funds.


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