Brussels attacks: one year on cost to Brussels Airport of March 22nd attacks totals €40 million

Brussels Airport

The total financial impact of the March 22nd attacks, which struck Brussels Airport in Zaventem last year, has been some €90 million for Brussels Airport.

The CEO of the company, Arnaud Feist, indicated this to be the case during an interview with the Belga press agency. He said that the airport’s operator insurance policies paid out a total of approximately €50 million. This has left an outstanding amount of €40 million, which Brussels Airport has had to pay.

The insurance policies referred to above in particular covered infrastructure damage and operational costs directly linked to the attacks, as well as operating losses. This includes the decrease in passenger traffic seen in the six months following the attacks.

Mr Feist says that in 2015 Brussels Airport achieved a turnover of €520 million. The financial losses from the attacks thus totalled nearly 8% of that amount – a “significant” impact.

However, the CEO remains optimistic for the future, hoping that 2017 will be a “record year” for the airport.

Having had excellent months in January and February, he is now striving to pursue the development of various activities on the site, specifically those in the sphere of cargo, which is currently enjoying significant growth. He said, “I hope that 2017 will be the year for Brussels Airport’s revival.”

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