Belgians spent almost 1,300 euro each online in 2018

2018 was another record year for e-commerce in Belgium. According to figures from the e-commerce industry federation BeCommerce the average Belgian spent 1,273 euro online last year. Tickets and clothing are Belgians’ most frequent online purchases. Meanwhile, the greatest total cash amount spent is accounted for by holidays.

90 percent of people in Belgium over the age of 15 (some 8.3 million people) bought something online last year. According to BeCommerce’s figures we did so an average of 11.6 times, spending an average of 1,273 euro each on online purchases.

This amounts to a total of 97.17 million purchases amounting to a total of 10.67 billion euro spent. The amount spent by Belgians online in 2018 is up 6% on the total spend for 2017. E-commerce purchases now account for 18% of all we spend and this percentage continues to rise.

Holidays and tickets
We spend the most on package holidays. Package holidays account for 23% of our online purchases. Almost a quarter of all expenditure on online purchases goes to holidays.

Airline tickets, hotel rooms and tickets for concerts and other events are also popular among online shoppers. The biggest growth segments in e-commerce last year were toys and beauty products.

The lion’s share of e-commerce shopping is done from a customer’s PC or laptop. However, a growing number of us are making purchases with their smartphones.

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