2,117 naturalisations in 2016

In 2016, Belgian nationality was granted to 2,117 individuals by the House of Representatives Naturalisation Committee.
This is four times less than in 2007, La Dernière Heure indicates today.

The publication is using figures produced by the Minister of the Interior, Jan Jambon.

These new Belgian nationals have come mainly from Morocco (277), the Democratic Republic of Congo (146), Romania (89), Turkey (87) and Bulgaria (67).

A total of 1,349 have settled in the north of the country, 562 in Brussels and 447 in Wallonia.

Amongst the conditions to fulfil, knowledge of at least one of the three national languages, being Dutch, French and German, has been investigated by the Naturalisation Committee.

Moreover, 25,610 further individuals acquired Belgian nationality in 2016 by other means, such as adoption or indeed family reunification.

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