The automobile industry is looking for 600 new Belgian employees

The automobile industry Belgian

Around 30 businesses in the automobile sector want to recruit 600 new employees in Belgium.

This is according to an inquiry by the Technological Industry Federation Agoria, which was published on Sunday as part of the Salon de l’Auto. “Many businesses are looking for people with experience in electric mobility”, says Agoria CEO Marc Lambotte.

“These are positions in large production companies and with sub-contractors”, he added. Among the businesses looking for people is the bus constructor VDL in Roulers, which has just won two big contracts. They have been constantly on the look-out new people since then, and have 10 positions available.

Sub-contractor C-Mac Elektromag, which makes electronic components for automobile constructors, needs six more workers. Audi Brussels is preparing to start producing an entirely electronic vehicle this year, and wants to take on around 100 people to help them do it. “The automobile industry in our country is clearly adapting to the shift towards electric”, says Marc Lambotte.

“That means we need new skills being used out there. Existing and new recruits have to use more and more electronic applications and battery technologies. Applicants with training in electronics are in a great position, but businesses are also looking for specialists in TIC (Embedded Software Engineers, for example) and data analysts”, he continued.

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