UberX is not a taxi service and can continue operating in Brussels

The service UberX, which connects passengers with professional drivers, respects the Brussels legal framework for the industry, according to a recent decision of the French speaking Brussels Commercial Court.

The decision was relayed by Uber on Wednesday.

The business, which hires out cars with a driver – known as “LVC” vehicles, will therefore be able to continue to operate in the capital.

Several professional associations and businesses in the taxi sector, including Febet, had started an action for the cessation of the operations of UberX in Brussels.

The judge in the French-speaking Commercial Court dismissed all legal actions instituted against Uber. He also held that professional drivers using the application, of the same name, could not be considered as employees of the American company, Uber is pleased to say.

“It is appropriate…to state that Uber does not provide a transport service, it does not own any vehicles; the company itself holds neither a taxi or LVC licence,” the judgment reports. That being the case, the service offered by a driver through the Uber application cannot be considered as a taxi service, stresses the company.

The company speaks of consequently “being determined to be a genuine long-term partner with Brussels.” It says that in excess of 1,000 professional LVC drivers and 100,000 passengers use the application.

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