Belgium steps up controls of Luxembourg registered cars

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Belgium has just announced it’s about to step up controls of cars with Luxembourg number plates in the Wallonia region of the country, with fines being enforced, but why exactly?

The reason is that for those living on the Belgian side of the border, the law of the Luxembourg neighbour states that vehicles with Luxembourg registration, must be changed to Belgian registration after six months.

“In the Grand Duchy, the surveillance of motor vehicles can be considered as almost zero,” stated Wallonia’s Budget Minister Christophe Lacroix, who intends to fight against those breaking the law.

The problem is that according to Belgian law, all the country’s residents must have Belgian number plates. There is an exception however for those that work in Luxembourg and own a company car.

However it has been revealed that some Luxembourg companies have reportedly found ‘solutions’ by setting up fake companies and registering their cars in the Grand Duchy.

According to information on the website, Luxembourg authorities will be contacted in order to raise awareness of these fraudulent practices and enforce fines in the case of fraud.

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