Nuclear Security: AFCN stresses exposure of power stations to cyberattacks

The federal agency for nuclear security, the AFCN flagged up in a report, dated January 2015, the exposure of nuclear power stations in the I.T. sphere.
This is owing to their links with external Internet networks.This is reported in the Sudpresse publications today (Tuesday).

The absence of experts in cybercrime, within the agency, was also mentioned.

These two observations contradict the seemingly reassuring statements made recently by the ministers, Marie-Christine Marghem, Minister for Energy, and Jan Jambon, whose remit includes power station security.

They have both stated that power stations were not, in fact, connected to the Internet. Mr Jambon had also indicated to the Chamber that the AFCN has had “a number of experts in cybercrime” since 2010, which the agency’s P.R. department contradicts.

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