France caps tanking at 40 euro max

That doesn’t seem to be so bad, for 40 euros refueling. But there are hooks and eyes to it, especially if you have to drive through all of France.

As you may have already read, There is turmoil when it comes to the availability of gasoline and diesel. The employees at Total Energy are angry and you know what angry French people like to do, right? Right, strike.

And because of this, the country has been facing a huge shortage of fuels for quite some time. In some places, the stuff is even impossible to get at all. In places where they still have petrol and diesel, they are now inventing measures to distribute it fairly.

Only for a maximum of 40 euros

One of those measures is a maximum amount that you can only spend on the pump. In France, they have now set it at 40 euros. And that seems like a fine amount to buy fuel for, but if you look a little further, you can see that this is not so at all.

Because in an economical hybrid you get to 22 liters, if you try a little, you get almost 400 kilometers. And also for a smart car or a Volkswagen XL1, 22 liters is no problem at all to be able to tour a decent bit.

But for some people it is completely different. For truck drivers, for example.

Even truckers only get 20 liters and a little

Because they too are bound to a maximum amount of 40 euros that they can put in their tank at a time. And for them, 22.27 liters (at this afternoon’s prices in France) is of course a laugh. You can also tweet @ghost_rideuz. He’s a trucker and posts a video of the idiocy at the pump station.

With 22 liters, you just get off the gas station site with a loaded truck, so to speak, so that doesn’t work, of course. Mr. Rideuz therefore suggests that truckers should also quit their jobs en masse. To see what kind of chaos will then arise and whether work will then be done at the refineries again, he says.

Let’s hope it all doesn’t get that far and last but not least a tip; If you don’t have to be in France, you’d better avoid it. Or take the plane, at least you’ll get where you need to be!

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