Belgian civil servants cost the most in Europe

Compared to other rich European countries, Belgium doesn’t have that many civil servants.

On the other hand, it pays the most for Public service workers, De Tijd reported on Saturday. This claim was based on an OCDE study.

As 814,000 people work for Public services, the proportion of civil servants in Belgium is 18.4%, 0.3% more than the average for the richest members of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development.

That’s less than Scandinavian countries and France, but more than the UK, the Netherlands and Germany.

After some powers were transferred to local authorities, Belgium has less federal civil servants than its neighbours. However, they cost the most within Europe. The OCDE came to this conclusion by taking into account salaries, days off, holiday allowance and healthcare. The fact that civil servants cost more does not mean they are paid more, the study says.

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