EU: states invited to form units to report terrorist content on the web

The Commission calls on all European Union (EU) states to set up terrorist reporting units on the web in order to combat the phenomenon of online radicalisation.

The report came on Thursday during its eighth report on the Security Union. The European executive will also soon set up a group of experts on radicalisation “to facilitate the formulation of new EU policies in this field and increase their impact”.

To deal with cyber threats, President Juncker’s team also announced a series of measures. It will release, among other things, a funding envelope of nearly 11 million euros to strengthen several national centres for responding to computer security incidents. The European Center for Combating Cybercrime will have new IT specialists.

The Commission also announced on Thursday that it is looking into possible legislative measures to improve cross-border access to digital evidence.

The Belgian Justice Minister, Koen Geens, has argued for some time for a regulation of this type, which can ensure rapid access to the data of Internet providers for the judicial authorities. This European legislation should create clear obligations for the direct cooperation of operators with the national judicial authority that decides access to data with penalties for non-cooperating access providers, according to Mr Geens.

The EU executive is also examining how to counteract the use of encryption by criminals and will present its findings no later than October 2017.

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