François Bellot agrees with Alexander De Croo on Re-federalising Mobility

François Bellot

In an interview published in La Libre Belgique on Saturday, the Federal Mobility Minister François Bellot said regionalising Mobility had been “counter-productive for the Belgian economy”.

He joins Open VLD vice-Prime Minister Alexander De Croo’s appeal.

“Regionalisation in Belgium severely slows progress. The current Mobility situation is dramatic and holds progress back. It’s awful when I see the energy my cabinet puts into this cooperation every day when it could be focusing on other things”, the MR Minister says.

Mr Bellot says the cooperation between the four Mobility Ministers has never been smooth. “When I have to meet with my regional counterparts, I can see we are divided at every level. Even when we are speaking about the same project, the corresponding administrations have different visions and can’t express what we want at a political level. Regionalising Mobility has been counter-productive to the Belgian economy”.

Regionalisation negatively affects the country’s wealth. “I am convinced that if you put Regionalisation in Belgium in figures, you will easily see a 2 to 3% impact on the GDP (Gross Domestic Product).

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