4th edition of the HUNGAstRY Festival to take place on June 29th and 30th

After last year’s successful edition, HUNGAstRY Festival will occur again in 2019.   Let us love and detect the Hungarian experience, games, music, art productions, artisanal items and gastronomy in the center of Brussels!

On the 29th and 30th of June the city will host Hungastry, the second edition of this Festival, organised by the Permanent Representation of Hungary into Europe! It enriches your culture, history and traditions and it’s going to introduce you to its surprises and hidden treasures.

The festival is likely to be a wonderful chance to spend some time in one of Brussels’ greatest parks with friends and family: there will be several unique choices for the most youthful, as well as for most adults!

The weekend-long festival will introduce the visitors into this Hungarian gastronomy, art, handcrafts and artisan products; it’s going to exhibit the folk music and also the standard dances.

Take a Look at the application:

You will find more information on their own page.

Source: brussels-express.eu

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