The winter sales should last five weeks

The Union for the Self-employed and the SMEs, asserts that the sales period should be extended to last five weeks, it indicated in a communiqué disseminated today.

According to the SDI, it might be “wiser” for the sales to start on January 10th and end on February 14th.

The SDI notes, “If we change too radically what has traditionally happened, we are exposing the system to counter-productive risks (decreased turnover, the move of consumers to online retail, the drain of consumption to neighbouring countries…).”

Just as neighbouring countries have a broader sales legislation, the SDI intends to align itself to them. In France, for example, the winter sales take place from January 11th to February 21st.

It is thought that the summer sales may be held starting from July 1st and ending on August 7th, also being five weeks, say the SDI.

The SDI’s position statement comes at a time during which the federal government is analysing the sales-related law.

The federal Minister for the Middle Classes and the Self-employed has requested the opinions of both traders and citizens on the issue.

Periods during which sales are allowed or even the so-called “waiting period”, during which it is prohibited to announce reductions, are in particular called into question.

The author: Clémentine FORISSIER

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