3,000 post boxes to be scrapped

Almost one in four post boxes in Belgium are to be removed. The Belgian Post Office Bpost is to reduce the number of post boxes in Belgium from 13,000 to 10,000. Bpost’s spokeswoman Barbara Van Speybroeck told journalists that “The network of red post boxes has not been adapted to changing customer behavior since 2004”.

Fewer letters are being posted. Since 2004 the number of letters being posted in Bpost’s network of red post boxes has fallen by 60%. According to figures from Bpost, fewer than 6 letters a day are posted in 25% of the country’s post boxes.

The 3,000 red post boxes will be scrapped over the next 5 months.

Nevertheless, Bpost is keen to stress that “the current accessibility and level of service will be maintained”. Even once the post boxes have been removed customers “will still be within a 500 metre radius of a post box in urban areas and a 1.5km radius in rural areas”.

Furthermore, anyone wishing to post a letter will still be able to do so at a post office or at a Post Point. Customers with reduced mobility can also give any letters that they may wish to send to their postman or postwoman.

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