Four-day week on the cards for older civil servants


The Walloon Minister for the Civil Service, Christophe Lacroix (PS), will submit a sectoral agreement plan to the trade unions.
This proposes a four-day week for older civil servants performing “strenuous” manual labour occupations, with no loss of salary. This is reported in Le Soir and RTBF today (Thursday).

Mr Lacroix received a mandate from the Walloon government yesterday (Wednesday) to submit a sectoral agreement plan to the trade union.

This will comprise a revaluation of pay in respect of low wages and the implementation of reduced working time for civil servants aged 60 or over, working in jobs considered to be “strenuous” such as workers, drivers, cleaners and lock keepers.

More than 370 workers would be impacted from 2017, followed by others. Moreover, their one-fifth unworked time will be offset, in large part, by new appointments.

Above all, this provision aims to fight absenteeism in the civil service. Christophe Lacroix explains, “Absenteeism for medical reasons mushrooms when employees become older than 45,” Christophe Lacroix explains.

Moreover, the Walloon government wishes to abolish the lowest pay spine, which affects 1,200 employees. These will receive at least 30 euros net per month more under the plans.

However, the increase could even reach 150 or indeed 250 euros, according to individuals’ career paths.

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