Switzerland invests the most in the EU in 2016

Switzerland invested the most money in the European Union (“the EU”) in 2016.

With some €55 billion, it was ahead of the United States (“the US”), which invested some €54 billion in the EU.

Globally, EU foreign investments fell by 41% last year. They went from a total of €476 billion in 2015 to €280 billion in 2016. This is according to an initial estimate by the European statistical institute, Eurostat, published on Tuesday.

The US recorded a decline of 76% over the period of a year. In 2015, the US had invested €223 billion in the EU.

EU investment in non-member countries also reduced significantly in 2016. Such investment fell by 68% to €186 billion. Brazil received the largest amount of money, receiving €33 billion from the EU. Switzerland is in second position with €21 billion. This is followed by offshore financial centres which combined acquired, on these figures, investments of €14 billion.

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