The Financité network wants to stop tax impunity in Belgium

Thirty billion euros escape from the coffers of the Belgian State every year because of tax fraud and the impunity that accompanies it, alerted Financité network.

In order to demand that the government uses all the necessary means to effectively fight against this “scourge”, the group of more than 70 associations, which aims to develop and promote ethical and solidary finance, launched a large-scale campaign under the slogan “Stop tax impunity!”.

Very little is done in Belgium to fight against this problem. On the contrary, the resources allocated to “services to fight against tax fraud are (even) dismantled literally”, denounced the Financité network, quoting the Brussels investigating judge, Michel Claise. According to the latter, “20,000 cases relating to financial fraud are filed without being followed up each year due to lack of sufficient staff”.

For example, the Central Office for Combating Economic and Financial Delinquency has increased from 70 to 18 staff in one year, illustrates the group of associations, which wants to raise awareness of this problem. To do so, the network launched a campaign on Thursday to end tax impunity. In particular, citizens are invited to sign a petition online ( In addition, conferences will be organised in French-speaking Belgium and awareness-raising activities will be set up.

“Large-scale tax evasion requires complex mechanisms that are difficult to thwart without specific and robust means to detect, prosecute and judge financial crimes, but without the strongest political will, the richest and most organised fraudsters easily pass through the cracks”, concluded the Financité network.

The author: Michel THEYS

Michel Theys, a Belgian native, began his career as a civil servant, serving the public for several decades. After retirement, he shifted gears to follow his passion for journalism. With a background in public administration, Theys brought a unique perspective to his reporting. His insightful articles, covering a wide array of topics, swiftly gained recognition. Today, Michel Theys is a respected journalist known for his balanced and thoughtful reporting in the Belgian media landscape.

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