The millionth XC60 produced by Volvo Car Ghent

The millionth Volvo XC60 was released Thursday morning around 08:30 at the Volvo Car plant in Ghent. This is the best-selling model of the brand this year, says the company.

The millionth unit, an XC60 D4 (diesel) in classic blue, is destined for the Swedish market. Cake is planned for all employees on Thursday in order to celebrate the event.

Out of the million Volvo XC60 units, 903,800 came out of the Ghent factory. Since 2014, 92,800 of these have been produced in Chengdu, China, and 3,400 have been assembled at Volvo Car in Malaysia.

“The Volvo XC60 is an extremely important model for Volvo Car Ghent,” said Eric Van Landeghem, factory manager. “It was launched in 2008, the year of the crisis, as car sales suffered from the recession around the world.” It soon became clear that the model would be a success. “Production capacity was increased and the Volvo XC60 passed the 100,000 mark of sales in 2012.”

The production of this model will move to Sweden after the summer, but the Ghent plant will support two new ones in its Compact Modular Architecture (CMA) production platform. “Volvo will soon make its debut in the premium SUV sector, launching the Volvo XC40”, says Eric Van Landeghem. “I am convinced that its success will be comparable to that of the XC60.”

The latter model is the most sold brand (161,092 cars last year). “In March of this year, 18,420 XC60 units were sold, almost 2,000 more units than last year.”

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