A city for people: Schaerbeek avenue to become ‘intermodal urban boulevard’

Boulevard Auguste Reyers in northeast Brussels is one of the arteries into the capital, with thousands of vehicles making the journey to and from the city centre each day. But plans are afoot to give the avenue a major facelift, making it more friendly to other transport modes.

Until several years ago, the large boulevard was dominated by the vehicle overpass that essentially made the constant file of cars a defining feature. In 2015 Pascal Smet – Mobility Minister at the time – decided not to renovate the imposing concrete structure. Instead the viaduct was demolished with the aim of creating a “pleasant urban avenue” to revitalise the neighbourhood.

On Monday, an urban planning certificate was granted to Brussels Mobility for its plans to transform the main road, which will include more space for pedestrians, cyclists, public transport and greenery.

“From a city for cars to a city for people. You won’t find this transformation of Brussels much more literal than on Boulevard Reyers,” said Smet, who now is Brussels State Secretary for Town Planning.

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