Ukrainian Parliament Demands Investigation of the Head of the National Bank of Ukraine Ties with The Ex-president Yanukovych

Deputies demand the report of the head of the state financial controller – the National Bank of Ukraine – Valeriya Gontaryeva. The next what the deputies may demand is her resignation.

In the Rada (Ukrainian Legislative Parliament) Valeriya Gontaryeva is charged with the participation at money laundering operations for the benefit of the environment of the ex-President Viktor Yanukovych. Her company Investment Capital Ukraine (ICU) in 2013 was a broker in the purchase of securities of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine worth 1,5 bln. USD for offshore companies which are connected with Yanukovych according to the General Prosecutor of Ukraine.

In 2014, at the demand of the General Prosecutor of Ukraine, accounts in Ukrainian banks with these means on them were arrested. According to law-enforcement bodies, money to purchase securities had previously been stolen from the state budget of Ukraine.

The Government of Ukraine drafted a bill on the return of the arrested 1,5 bln. USD to the budget, but Rada does not consider it.

The parliamentary deputy from the group of “Batkivshchyna” Alexandra Kuzhel supposes that Valeriya Gontaryeva and her company ICU have enough information about the financial schemes of the Yanukovych environment. Therefore Gontaryeva’s report can help to confiscate 1,5 bln. USD without adoption of the controversial law.

The Head of the Parliamentary Committee on Preventing and Counteraction against Corruption Yegor Sobolev asserts that the General Prosecutor of Ukraine must examine the Head of the National Bank of Ukraine. But law-enforcement authorities deliberately don’t put Valeriya Gontaryeva on the investigation, because she belongs to the same political group with the General Prosecutor Yuriy Lutsenko.

Last week the International Monetary Fund has allocated Ukraine the next tranche of 1 bln. USD. The Fund does not comment on the provision of financial assistance to Ukraine amid accusations against the Head of the National Bank of Ukraine of blocking the confiscation of 1,5 bln. USD of the Yanukovych regime to the state budget.

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