Vaccination of the healthcare staff Belgium is now mandatory, otherwise dismissal follows

The date of entry into force of the duty was postponed by three months. Countries such as France, Italy and the United States have already made Covid-19 vaccination mandatory for certain sectors, including healthcare. In the United Kingdom, compulsory vaccination in health care is also coming. The commitment in Belgium was announced in January.

Around 50,000 health workers in Belgium were threatened with dismissal or six months suspension if they had not complied with the mandatory vaccination on April 1. That date finally became today, August 1st. A census this spring showed that of the slightly less than 540,000 health care employees, more than 490,000 had been fully vaccinated against corona. This was announced by the Belgian vaccination Task Force. “The last legal steps for the mandatory vaccination of health workers are currently being taken and, in principle, we can land in the coming weeks,” said Dirk Ramaekers, head of the task force. The Belgian government reached an agreement in November on compulsory vaccination for the healthcare sector. From 1 January, the healthcare staff were given three months and later half a year to get a prick.

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